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Technology 1 – Structural Hydrogel (AguaMedicina®) Technology

Briefly, the Structural Hydrogel technology is different than existing Stent and Catheter materials in that Aguamedicina® Structural Hydrogel biomaterial itself is architecturally stable and structural; it does not require a substrate or scaffold. The polymer is the coating. It will not erode and exhibits significant strength and elongation especially after exhibiting large changes in volume.

Aguamedicina® Structural Hydrogel biomaterial is instantly slippery when wet; exhibiting  excellent push-ability and torque-ability, and can hydrate from a rigid predictable size to a significantly softer larger volumetric volume reversibly and infinitely.

Aguamedicina® Structural Hydrogel biomaterial can be used as a unique device material or combined as a hybrid, with a braid or other materials or components, and can incorporate permanent shape memory.  It can be compounded with radiopacifier, capable of drug delivery gradients and expected to exhibit long term stability in-vitro

Please see the Q Urological® Webpage (www.qurological.com) for an example of a product application using Aguamedicina® Structural Hydrogel.

Technology 2 – RF Ablation Technology

Boston Scott Corporation is also pursuing therapeutic and diagnostic RF Ablation (Radio Frequency Ablation) devices and systems that selectively determine the difference between diseased and healthy tissues.  Similarly, development of a vascular device company focusing on  novel implementation of Intelligent RF Ablation whereby both device and system design/development has the ability to determine the difference between target and non-target tissues.

In this manner it is expected that healthy tissue will not be damaged when ablating for example, cancer cells or a venous or arterial occlusion.

Technology 3 – Segmenting and Lamination Technology

We possess a uniquely defined Segmenting and Laminating process which emulates Teflon, braided and difficult to fabricate expensive catheters.  Our process results in a device produced for significantly less cost.  With this insight, we have initiated medical, commercial and military applications that support a pipeline of opportunities.

For example, the Soft Tip Ureteral Catheter distributed through C.R.Bard Urology Division can be emulated and similar devices quickly designed and approved.

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The Boston Scott Corporation® Mission is: To resolve unmet user needs with a combination of novel material and process technologies

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