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The mission of “Q” Urological is to develop and market only new technologies in the urological medical device field. These technologies will fill clearly defined market needs acknowledged by the industry, appealing to a managed-care market that stresses lowest cost of total treatments and improved quality of life for patients.

Approach to Market

Urology is an area of medicine which is in need of clinical developments from industry which has been slow to innovate and not kept pace with other less invasive techniques and products. “Q” has identified two primary customer needs including: (1) reduction of stent encrustation (patient comfort), and, (2) reduction of material bioburden (infection).

“Q” is pleased to now offer a product based on an innovative re-engineered approach to materials used in urological stents. Our stent is manufactured from Aguamedicina™, a structural hydrogel. “Q” has demonstrated performance of this material, including all required ISO 10993 bio-compatibility tests and success in human urine demonstrated by (> 200 patients). Regulatory clearance from the FDA (Premarket Notification (510(k))) has been granted for a ureteral stent application.


“Q” Urological  is staffed by an experienced team with over 100 years combined medical device industry work history in bringing innovative devices to market. This team combines proven and qualified core technologies to provide a stable incubator and launch platform for the “Q” Urological.

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The Boston Scott Corporation® Mission is: To resolve unmet user needs with a combination of novel material and process technologies

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